Wyoming Part 1: North by Northwest

My wife Annie and I recently got back from a trip to Torrington, Wyoming, where we have some family. This was my first time being out West since my teens which was long before I starting taking pictures professionally. It was an incredibly reviving experience being in a landscape so different from my own, and it was hard to resist simply taking photographs of horizon and sky. I was able to travel a fair amount around the town and the surrounding area.

One of the first days that I was there, I left our hotel before dawn and went in search of something to shoot, hoping to get my bearings. As I was driving away, I saw a biplane crop-dusting. I sat and watched it for about a minute at a stop sign while my brain got its first shot of coffee. Crop-dusters. I immediately drove to the small airport just over the hill.

Huge thanks to John and the staff at AG Flyers for being so helpful and filling to help me with this shoot.

Shot with the Fuji X100s. Processed with VSCOfilm.