Life Floor - Winter 2015

Earlier this year I did a few shoots for an awesome client of mine, Life Floor, in Ohio and Minnesota. During every shoot I do with them, I always look to build on the work we've already made and bring something new and a little different to the table. Something that we've worked hard on is producing images that are very light and airy, with an atmospherically clean quality without feeling sterile.

So in that pursuit I decided to employ a new technique that I had first seen on Fstoppers. It is similar to light painting with a long exposure, but instead you use a flash to selectively light an area you want to accent and then combine the images in Photoshop. This technique creates something that would be almost impossible to make with just one exposure and multiple lights or with HDR. In the end each one of these photos contains anywhere from 10-75 individual photos. This whole process is expertly explained and demonstrated in a class by Make Kelley which I highly recommend if you're interested in trying this out for yourself.

We made many other types of photos during this assignment, but I wanted to feature these since they're something new I haven't posted about before. You can see other photos from this shoot on Life Floors web site and this excellent catalog of their products they produced.

Shot with a Canon 5D III and TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II

A Mountain Home


The grass has been cut recently, only being ankle high, but walking through it is still difficult because of the thick morning dew, clinging to our shoes like spiders webs. The wood burning stove is kept running day and night for comfort as well as necessity, no wires here. This is a house in the clouds. Mists roll in unexpectedly, and you hear rain coming towards you, not from the sky, but through the woods below, walking steadily up to cover you.

Time works differently here. It is not measured by clicks and revolutions but by the rising and setting of the sun, by mealtimes and the dying of the embers. Reaching this place requires a three mile hike up the mountain from the nearest paved switchback. At the top, there are clouds to live in, fields where a wolf can run, and people who have chosen a life far from traffic lights.

Shot with the Fuji X100s. Processed with VSCOfilm.