A Mountain Home


The grass has been cut recently, only being ankle high, but walking through it is still difficult because of the thick morning dew, clinging to our shoes like spiders webs. The wood burning stove is kept running day and night for comfort as well as necessity, no wires here. This is a house in the clouds. Mists roll in unexpectedly, and you hear rain coming towards you, not from the sky, but through the woods below, walking steadily up to cover you.

Time works differently here. It is not measured by clicks and revolutions but by the rising and setting of the sun, by mealtimes and the dying of the embers. Reaching this place requires a three mile hike up the mountain from the nearest paved switchback. At the top, there are clouds to live in, fields where a wolf can run, and people who have chosen a life far from traffic lights.

Shot with the Fuji X100s. Processed with VSCOfilm.