The Business of Life

What is the business of life? Every person has an answer to that question. There are many different paths one can take when forming the answer: religious, theological, hedonistic. Often the answer will change as the person matures and has experience to substantiate their claim. Those answers are important but perhaps the final destination in the truth, the right, is not what is important at this moment, but the process, the catalyst that so often gets shunted aside for the final act. We are not here to rase the next acropolis to the heavens or dilute the celestial into the ordinary. Today we are in the business of acquiring memories.

Shot with the Canon 5D Mark III and Fuji X100S. Processed in Lightroom 5 with VSCOfilm.

Far Too Long

I have been searching for a collection of photographs to post for some time now. Each shoot represented an opportunity to create a story to be told. But the last few months of the year refused to yield the story I longed after. Yet there was story, there was emotion in the light, even if it was harder to see. It has been a season filled with happiness as I saw a proposal, a marriage (separate blog on that to come) and gained a family member with the birth of a nephew. Below is a small collection of photographs that show what I've been up to over the past few months. Here's to a New Year and to making things happen for myself.

Shot with the Canon 5D Mark III & Fuji X100S. Processed in Lightroom 5 with VSCOfilm

Photo cred to my awesome wife Annie

Vinay Portrait Shoot

Yesterday I did a shoot with Vinay at an awesome location where both the T.V. show The Walking Dead and the movie Lawless were filmed. Recently the location has been overrun by fans, so I'm not going to give the exact address and possibly contribute to the problem. The light was perfect. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Shot with the Fuji X100S and Canon 5D Mark III