Street Photography In Newnan

Lately I've become interested in doing more Street Photography. I guess I've been doing this for a while with my phone but there's only so much you can do with a device that has a very slow response time for selecting focus and limited exposure control. I've stated out by walking the streets of downtown Newnan which is a short walk form where live.

At first, it was a little nerve-racking since I was carrying a Canon 5D3 and a 24-70mm for ultimate flexibility but I soon got over the stares people gave me. Having one of the Fuji X cameras would be a huge plus, I can see why people love them so much (the new X100S is definitely on my radar). It was cloudy during the first part of my walk so I became drawn to alleys because I needed a way to control the sunlight which was too diffused in the main streets to allow for much contrast. I would walk down them and look back out to the street. It was like observing the world through the eyes of a prisoner of the town, so close to freedom and light but not able to partake in it fully.

I love how the darkness and the trash in the ally makes any light and color leap out of the picture.

It was also surprising how many power lines there are over the alleys. It's a compete mess. 

For some reason there are these life size model horses all over town. They're strange and a little creepy but they can make for interesting subjects. Most of them are brightly painted so it's as if the 1960 joined forces with the Old West.

At this point the sun started to go down and the light began to come into it's prime. I found this plant off the side of the road highlighted by the sun against it's fellows in the shade.

Enjoyed the irony of this. The reflected water tower is old and rusty.

A man moving boxes.

I enjoyed the freedom to see a shot and be able to pursue it. So often while doing client work there is a set number and type of shots that have to be captured and until those shots are captured I can't pursue something for myself. But this shoot was for me which was so refreshing! If I saw something that interested me I could go after it for as long as I wanted.

I rarely get to do anything with motion blur and with the sun going down in earnest the back-lighting in this area where cars would drive by became ideal for a dramatic shot with blur added. I ended up pre-focusing on the area I wanted the cars to be in focus since there wasn't a lot of time for my focus system to lock on. Plus I was shooting at F10 and smaller so I was able to have a large section of the street in focus. Shutter was set to 1/40th. The hardest part was getting my panning motion timed just right since I didn't have very long to see the vehicle around the Dodge Charger on my left. 

I highly recommend doing a shoot like this. It's one thing to carry around a phone or a small camera with you everywhere you go, ready to take a picture when it presents itself during your everyday life. It's another to set aside an hour or two and focus on photography and doing something different. Walk slower and think longer. Use this time to make mistakes and challenge yourself.