RBI Paper Photography Proposal

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RBI Paper is seeking to update the overall look and feel of their website, and as a part of this, they hope to engage an experienced photographer to provide exemplary images which can be used for years to come, both for their website and other printed marketing materials.

About RGRphotography:

I seek, at every shoot, to create natural looking images and to create a collaborative, long-lasting relationship with each of my clients. I find that my clients are most pleased by this approach, and we create excellent work together.

I am first and foremost a photographer, but I also bring to the table what many photographers lack—professional image editing and photo retouching skills. I have over 7 years’ experience working with Adobe Photoshop and other imaging applications. I provide to all my clients the type of services that most others would need to outsource to a retouching firm or contractor. 

Project Scope:

The photos will predominately be of RBI Papers’ products and manufacturing processes. Images with their staff and facilities may also be requested.


The photos produced from this shoot will be used for RBI Paper’s website, as well as for web and print advertising. Large scale advertising such as billboards are not currently planned.

Creative Process:

The Creative Process encompasses all the aspects of the effort that goes into creating high quality, appealing images which can be used for years to come. In order to understand the value of the images you are purchasing, it is important to understand the process and time which goes into each image. 

  • Scouting. A thorough pre-scouting session is one of the most vital aspects to any successful shoot. This ensures that we time the shoot correctly, based on the light, that we bring the correct equipment, and are able to discuss and plan each shot with you ahead of time so your expectations are fulfilled.
  • Assistant. Having a talented photography assistant as a part our team will ensure that the shoot moves along smoothly and we are able to use our time most judiciously. I work with many talented assistants, each of whom has a specific strengths. I will select the most well-suited assistant who will add value to our project.
  • Photography Equipment. I use excellent cameras and lighting gear for every image I create. During the scouting session, we can determine if any additional lighting gear is required, based on the space.
  • Post-Production. After our onsite shoot is complete, the post-production process begins. Each image can take many hours of post-production work. You will receive a time estimate on the post-production process up front, after the initial scouting session. Additionally, during the post-production process, we will provide regular updates on where we are in the process and answer any questions you may have. 
    • Post-Production Equipment. Your images will be safe during the post-production process, as all post-production equipment is top of the line and all images are backed up in professional grade RAID archive storage. This optimizes productivity and the turnaround time on completed work.


Pricing is divided into two primary components:

  • Creative Process. The flat-rate Creative Process Fee encompasses all of the elements detailed above (Scouting, Assistant, Photography Equipment, Post-Production, and Post-Production Equipment). My creative day rate is $1,500.00 and includes 3 images for a one year license.
    • Rental Equipment. If any rental equipment is required, an estimate will be provided beforehand and will be billed at cost.
  • Licensing Package. While the Creative Day Rate includes 3 images, you will probably want to have more images from our work together than just those three. A Licensing Package helps you determine how best to use your budget to meet your specific needs and project goals. You will ask yourself several questions to decide which Licensing Package is right for you. There are no right or wrong answers—these questions just align your needs with correct package.
    • Number of Images. Do we want all the images from this shoot (hundreds), or just the best ones?
      • Some customers prefer to:
        • have the pre-selection work completed for them and have access to fewer images [less expensive].
        • have access to all images [more expensive]
      • Time. Would we like to “license” our images for a year or two and then decide if we want to 1) re-license or 2) collaborate on new images? Or, would we want to own the images forever?
        • Some customers prefer to use their budget to:
          • collaborate on new work every few years [less expensive]
          • re-license the same images every couple of years [less expensive]
          • own all the images forever from the beginning [more expensive]

The Licensing Package you select will be customized to meet your specific needs. These are some examples that are often selected, for your reference. 

Licensing Packages:

Keep in mind that you’ll already automatically own 3 images—included in the Creative Day Rate. These rates are for additional images, as well as renewal rates for those original 3, beyond the first year. The more images you choose to license, the lower your cost per image will be.

Level One

  • Number of Images: You want to own the most images for the lowest price.
  • Formula: After the initial three images that are included with each day’s creative rate more images can be licensed in groups.
    • 3 additional images (6 total): $500 per image for one year
    • 6 additional images (9 total): $400 per image for one year
    • 7 additional images (or more): $250 per image for one year
  • Consecutive Year(s). 50% of original licensing rate, for whichever images you choose to renew. (Images can easily be added or subtracted over time depending on your needs.) The images included with the Creative Day Rate are also renewable after one year at 50% of whichever tier you select.

Package Two - Most commonly selected by companies who want complete control and freedom over images.

  • Number of Images. You want all the images (hundreds).
  • Time. You want to own them forever and not worry about licensing and renewals. Images could be used in whatever capacity RBI Paper chooses and for however long. $1,000 per image
    • If 10 images or more are purchased under this model, the creative fee is waived.

Deciding which package is best for you can be confusing, and I am happy to answer any questions and help you decide. My goal is to create work which you will be pleased with for years to come, and most importantly, to develop a long-standing and collaborate relationship.

Feel free to use this form below to send an email, or just reply to our original conversation (with garrett@rgrphotography.com). I look forward to speaking with you again! Thank you for taking the time to contact me, and I hope we can work together on your project soon. 

Garrett Reid

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